Saturday, September 19, 2009

I made it past 50!!!

FIFTY POUNDS... not fifty years!!! Can you believe it??? This feels amazing!! This week I weighed the exact amount ELEVEN years ago when it was confirmed that I was pregnant with Will!!!! 52 pounds less than what I weighed in February 2009!!!! Yea!

I am no longer working out at Fitness Together. They were good for me and helped me get my life started on a good healthy track. I am at the Y now. I work out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5... yes... BEFORE school!! I have a new trainer... he is wonderful!!! He played football at Alabama, but I don't hold that against him!!! He is a great motivator and all around great guy... his name is Brandon.

Most of you know that I'm back in the classroom... I'm teaching 9th grade English at Spain Park High School and I'm loving it!!! I will keep you posted as I can... life is SO crazy right now... just treading water most days... but it's a good pool to be in!!!!