Wednesday, June 3, 2009


OH MY WORD! I have been on cloud nine all afternoon! I got to do my evaluation today, and I lost 19.4 pounds... 16. 2 of that was nothing but FAT! 9.13 additional inches are GONE! Since I started 14 weeks ago, I have lost 41 pounds (33.8 of those pounds were fat) and I've lost 25.51 inches from my neck to my calves!! UNBELIEVABLE!! It has been over 7 years since I've weighed under 200, and I am there... just barely.... but I'm there and I'm NEVER going back!!

I just cannot tell you how excited I am! I feel amazing! I can't tell you what it means to me to have all the encouraging words. This has been a very hard road and thanks to my Jesus, an amazingly supportive husband and some awesome friends, I am making it down that road... thank you my friends and my sweet hubby! Of course I have to thank Rodney Golden for being my rock! He keeps me focused, he is nothing but encouraging, and he kicks my butt when I need him to. Thank you Rodney... you are SO much better than Bob (Biggest Loser)!!

Let me take this moment to encourage all of you to get healthy. It's not about losing pounds, it's about getting healthy... eating right and exercising EVERY DAY so that you will be around a lot longer!!! It doesn't take long to make it a habit. Call me and we'll walk!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be more excited for you!! You have worked so hard and boy does it show! That picture looks great. Thank you for letting us travel with you on this amazing journey!

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  3. Way to go Lucy!!! You look fabulous!!

  4. YAY!!!! I am so pumped for you...the best thing you said that I have to praise you for is.."I AM NEVER GOING BACK!" You keep that motivation and drive going girl and you WILL forever be so proud of yourself for accomplishing something that is truly one of the hardest things in life to do. So many people will be encouraged by you and God will use you in a mighty way. I am so deeply happy for you and praise Jesus for HIS strength in you!!!!

  5. Congratulations Lucy! I am excited about the fitness progress and the Blog! You look great! You inspire me....I went to a Pilates class yesterday and realized how out of shape I I need some of your motivation

    Joyce Fleming