Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yeah Baby.... today was the day!!! It's been 6 weeks so I won't hold you in suspense... I lost 21.6 pounds!! 17.6 of that was body fat!! Total inches was 16.38!!! I totally forgot what my score out of 100 was... I think it was 38 maybe... we did a lot of numbers today and I didn't write that one down. I have a long way to go, but I'll think about that tomorrow!!! Today I'm celebrating!
I have a lot of people to thank... my biggest supporters and encouragers are Rodney and Mary... these 2 people keep me moving and will NOT let me slow down (even when it's rainy or cold)!! You both mean the world to me... I don't know if I can ever repay you!
Thank you to all my friends and family members that are encouraging me and praying for me. I absolutely can't do it without you... I'm not even going to start naming you because I may leave someone out. I love you all and truly appreciate you.... if you're reading this, consider yourself appreciated.


  1. Wow! You have something to be very proud of! I am truly inspired by your committment to your goal! You're on your way! I am so proud of you!


  2. WAY TO GO!!! (I never write in all caps -- I'm excited for you!) Thanks for keeping me in the loop.


  3. Lucy,
    I am so excited for you!!!! I woke up this a.m. thinking about you and your exciting day! You have worked so hard and your self dicipline is paying off big time! I pray that this news will encourage you to keep going.

  4. YOU GO SISTER!!!! Looking good. Your making me get off the couch, you know. Keep up the good work and if you feel like cheating, call me. I will send you pictures of me to keep you going, lol LOL. Love ya, Lori