Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool's!

I hope all of you have had a great April Fool's Day. I actually love this day and 'getting' people! My first victim this morning was one of the sweetest people in the universe... Jonah's teacher! We emailed Miss Allsopp very early to tell her of Jonah breaking his arm yesterday and his insisting on coming to school... needless to say, she was shocked when he walked in giggling and announced "April Fools!" I wish I could have seen her face.

I did get to see Rodney's face when I told him I was pregnant... he actually got a little excited and it seemed as though he was up for the challenge of a pregnant client... I paid for it during the workout after I told him he had been fooled! He even admitted that his wife had warned him that today was April 1 and to be on the look-out! :)

I do have to tell on myself now... I did get 'got'. My sweet Will was playing basketball in our driveway when he came running in telling me there was a snake in our yard. I freaked! I hate snakes! Plus, we had just seen one over the weekend, so I wasn't surprised that there would be another one... I just didn't know who was going to kill this one! He got me!

The workout was pretty cool today... it was a 50's theme! Yes... a 50's theme! Rodney turned on a 50's music station and for every rotation, I got to do 50 reps! Yes, 50 leg presses, 50 bench presses, 50 crunches and so on! In between sets (we did 2), I got to do 50 seconds on the Elliptical at 5.0+ speed. Then we went outside in the back parking lot and I ran (jogged) for 50 seconds and walked for 50 seconds.... we did this several times... not 50!! :) I love it that Rodney changes up the work out... it's not always the same old thing.

One week from today I'll get to post my accomplishments! My body is definitely changing for the better as is my attitude (except on those crazy hormonal days!!)! Ya'll know what I'm talking about!

Oh... I get to meet Stephenie in less than 72 hours!!!

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