Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time to catch up!

Wow! I can't believe it's been so long since I've blogged. Last week was Spring Break for the boys and they got to spend 2 nights with each set of grandparents. I got to work out and have a date with my hubby!

It was a bit of a rough week for my new eating lifestyle. It all started on Tuesday when an almost empty bag of Golden Flake Cheese Curls came home with my boys... I couldn't believe my mom sent them home! Of course I don't blame her for the cheat because I had the choice of pouring them out or eating them... I chose eating. :( Then on Wednesday we went to see Bedtime Stories at the $1 theatre and the boys and I had a LOT of popcorn (Jonah and I had tummy aches afterwards - yikes)... I continued to spiral until I called Rodney on Friday (I had worked out with Sean Wednesday and Friday and didn't feel comfortable telling him about the cheating). I called Rodney because I was thinking about more chances to cheat and knew that after telling him I could get back on track. It worked (I assume like calling an AA Sponsor) and he assured me that we would work it off on Monday! I also have to say too that he was nothing but encouraging and gave me some ways that I could add some healthy calories to my day.... I hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

On Thursday of last week, our family went biking with the Dunbar family. This is all of us on our bikes. We're kind of hard to see, but you get the idea! We did the Chief Ladiga bike trail in Anniston... it's where they turned an old train track into a bike trail. It's very cool. Our family did it last year... I did 8 miles then. I was determined to do 10 miles this year and guess what??? I DID!!!! Along with Danielle, Hayden and Will! Yea us! The little ones got tired so the dads took them back to play. Kudos for Bill... he didn't get enough miles in on Thursday so he went back on Saturday and did 28!!! Go Bill!!!

My "Twilight" weekend was great.

My Monday workout with Rodney proved to be the cheat deterrent that he had promised! We only did 2 things on Monday.... he had a barbell on the floor that I had to squat to pick up and press it over my head... yeah... each set had 21 reps and I got to do 4 sets... yeah. THEN... I got to 'toss' one of those 50 pound medicine balls (really it was only about 14 pounds) back and forth to Rodney 15 times... that was the first set.... then I had to get the ball over a weight bench which he kept moving back... THEN he set 2 boxing gloves on top of the bench for our last round... if I knocked either of them off, it was considered -1. I did pretty good... it was hhhaaarrrddd though! My body hurt so bad yesterday ... but I walked 3 miles with Mary... thanks girl... you're so good for me!

Today was a good work out... the elliptical machine is from the same place that half-squishy ball is from! I had to do 6 minutes on the thing... intervals of slow and fast which helps the time go faster... but man... I have great respect for those people that ride those things anywhere above 5 minutes! I was panting and whining like a mad woman... I just wanted off that thing... Rodney pushed though and I did deliver. yea! After that we worked on arms... my left arm is VERY weak... so much weaker than my right! Rodney says that it will catch up!

I think that's got you up to speed with me. OH... 2 weeks from today (4 days after meeting Stephenie Meyer!!!), I will get to report the results!!!! We will not only weigh, but we'll measure too! I don't know about the scale, but I KNOW the measurements will be different!!! I just can't wait! I tried to put one of those count down things on my blog, but I can't figure it out!

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  1. Hey Lucy - You are doing great & I am so proud of you. Your hard is paying dividends not only in your appearance but your energy level as well. Thank you for suggesting we go biking last week. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon with family and friends. Thank you Dunbars for going with us. Thank you everyone else who is encouraging and supporting Lucy through this.