Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Changing Week

Last week I decided to do something about my health. I'll be 45 on May 20th. I'm not quite 250 pounds, but closer than I want to be! Bottom line... I'm ready. It's now or it's not. It's not just about losing weight... It's about changing my life. Last Monday I called a local place called Fitness Together. I talked with a really nice guy named Rodney and set up an appt. We met on Tuesday. I explained to him that I needed someone to care about me... to hold me accountable... to kick my butt when it needs kicking... and to know me when I walk in the door... to be my friend, but not take my crap...

We set up my evaluation for the very next day. Was I nervous??? Oh my word.... my resting heart rate was really high... he took it a couple of times! We moved on... I stepped up and down on one of those aerobic dance steps (3 tiers) for 3 minutes. It doesn't sound like much... but if your in my kind of shape... go try it! Okay, then we did a few other things to see "where I was" in the fitness world (including PUSH UPS! He actually laid on the floor right beside me encouraging me to do more... very cool... very personal.) Are you ready for my score? Out of 100 points, I scored whopping 15 ... OUT OF 100. Not good.... not good at all. Rodney and I have a very long road ahead of us...

I actually went back on Friday. I don't think we did a really full work out... he (Rodney) is saving that for next week when we "hit the ground running".... diet, exercise, the works. Then he gave me a little test to see what my Body Type was... this will tell me what kind of menu I need to be working with... I'm a B (which sounded a lot better than the 'F' I had made on Wednesday!). The weight is supposed to drop off quicker when I eat the right things.... I'm willing to give it a go... I didn't see Hacienda on it at all - I was a little disappointed! haha! I do get to eat SIX times a day and drink tons of H2O.

My weekend was INSANE.

Which brings us to today.... I got to eat two egg whites and 1/2 cup fruit... it was terrible, but I had just brushed my teeth... those flavors just don't mix! I had turkey and fruit for snack which was much better. I got to have rice for lunch with broccoli, carrots, and turkey. I worked out... My good friend Rodney kicked my butt... while Anna watched. She's another trainer...I probably shouldn't have driven home so soon after my workout because I was a little shaky and quite light-headed. That was NOT Rodney's fault... he tried to get me to stay and cool down a little but I had to get the boys from school... my blood sugar was WAY too low! I got home, had a little snack of tuna and a carrot and left for class. (I'm working towards getting my teaching certification reinstated.) Dinner was a 1/2 baked potato, broccoli, onions and chicken all stir-fried together... no oil, just a quick spray of PAM in the pan. I forgot about my late snack of berries.... I'm going to have those now.

I have NO idea if anyone will ever read this. I'm doing it more for me than anything. Accountability... that's what it's all about.

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  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!! Lucy ---you rock. I am so proud of you and support you 100% I know what you are doing is not easy, but you are going to feel so good and have so much energy as you progress. Please call anytime and I can offer support and distraction!
    lots of love,