Friday, March 6, 2009


It's Friday!!! I actually survived my first week with a personal trainer! I NEVER thought I would say that!!!

I had to change my appointment today... I had a very special birthday mission to accomplish... but there was NO cake involved!! I didnt' realize it, but because I changed my time with Rodney, I didn't get to work out with him. I didn't realize this until I was off the warm-up and Sean met me around the corner. I was pretty nervous at first, but warmed up to Sean quickly. He did a great work out... we did a few different things like sitting on the big blue ball lifting weights ... which we have a picture of... it's NOT pretty but I wanted to share some "before" shots so we could appreciate the "after" shots!

Rodney came in about midway through, so I was able to get pics with him. I should have gotten one with Sean... actually he should not have moved out of the picture above BECAUSE they NEVER leave your side when you're working out... yes, I posed for that picture! But, that is one of the things that I LOVE about working out here... they never leave your side. They are there making sure I do everything right and they are encouraging me every step of the way. I'm so glad I found these guys.

Oh..... The diet is going okay... it's tough when you're accustomed to eating out a LOT! It's also tough when you're in a hurry.... it's much easier to throw a sandwich together than to pull out the chicken, measure the rice, cut up the vegies, etc. I'm complaining because I missed having my Friday night pizza. This too shall pass, right? The good news is that I didn't cheat at all this week! And I didn't have to do that crazy half squishy ball thing! ha

OKAY.... I've decided to let my friends know that I'm posting my progress.... It's not the most exciting blog, but maybe you can be encouraged by it....

This weekend should be interesting... I think it's going to be tough... but Monday's coming!

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