Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I watched Biggest Loser last night and was truly inspired by Sugar Ray Leonard... I'm not a big fan of boxing but that thing he said about having the right mindset... having the POWER to change your life... I think he said the acronym for POWER was Prepare Overcome Win Every Round. Life comes at you fast... you've got to be prepared and you cannot let it get you down.

Okay... I saw Rodney today. I meant to take my camera, but I forgot it. I really want to get some pics posted soon. The plus for today was that I didn't have to do that squishy half ball thing. Oh my word... that is a CRAZY thing! I didn't even write about that thing on Monday... I can't remember the real name for it, but it is like half of a ball with some kind of gel in it and it's flat on the bottom. I have to stand on this thing, keep my balance and do hands-free squats. Very close to impossible! Focus is the key, but when you're freaking out about your balance... it's not pretty.

Back to today.... we're really watching my heart rate... it likes to get kind of high. There is a chart on the treadmill that gives your age and range of where you want your heart rate to be... When I get there I am to walk or do some sort of cardio (bike and elliptical are my other choices). I walk and get my heart rate up to 130 - 140 which is good for my age. Well then we go around the corner and rotate to other things like pull weights down on these rope things that works my back (sorry I don't pay attention to what it's called!), bench press, ab work on one of those giant balls (that I am MUCH more comfortable with now!), leg press (I'm sure that's not the technical name), squats against the wall with the big ball (which I totally prefer!). THEN we go back to the treadmill for 2 minutes... he bumps up the speed (not too much) and the incline and my heart rate is pumping.... over 150.... go figure. So we slowed down a little but did the circuit again and then back to the treadmill. Did we do the circuit 3 times today? I can't remember... My favorite part is the stretching at the end... it's very different from any kind of stretching that I've ever done. I couldn't do it alone... Rodney pulls and pushes and does all kinds of things to get the good stretch in. It was a great work out ... I'm beat but I am feeling good... very positive.

HOWEVER, by nature, I am a slave to the scale... always have been. I fluctuate a LOT but I REALLY like to watch - especiallly when it goes down. Well... I was encouraged not to weigh every day... and I started thinking about it and thought... well... I do want to share the weigh loss excitement with Rodney when it happens - the second it pops up on the scale - we should be there together. SO I put my scale in the top of the closet and I know that I won't touch it there. Now I'm really wanting to do the weigh-in thing with Rodney.... share the moment! WELL.... I tell him that this afternoon and he says 'okay, good'... so I say... 'well, when will we weigh?' He says, 'when did you start?' 'Last Wednesday was the evaluation,' I say... knowing that he knows this! So I am totally thinking he was going to say 'Oh, let's go back in and weigh' or 'we'll weigh you on Friday'...... Ohhhhh Noooooo Rodney says, "5 weeks"..... WHAT??!?!? When I protested, he simply said that it's not about the weight, it's about getting fit and feeling better AND it was time for me to leave. So I left.

Okay.... I know it's not about the weight, but when you've been a slave to the scale for this long... it's hard... but... I'm not going to weigh myself. If he wants to wait 5 more weeks... I can too.

The healthier way of eating is good. I was hungry today, but I think a lot of it is in my head... knowing that I'm eating differently. I've got a dinner thing to go to on Saturday for Boy Scouts. My good friend Danielle has blood sugar issues and HAS to eat right, so I've told her that I'll be shadowing her... eating what she eats. I'm one of those people that glances at the dessert table and gains weight.

Okay... this is it for tonight. I'm a little sore but nothing I can't manage. I'm looking forward to the day that I don't wince when I sit down to go to the bathroom! Mary and I are scheduled to walk tomorrow morning after carpool. She is my exercising motivator... I can ALWAYS count on her to walk with me... and when she says good-bye to me, she runs anywhere from 3 - 10 miles. She truly inspires me! I really hope that I'm running with her someday.

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