Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hard Day

Okay.... today is Sunday and has been by far my hardest day. We went to church and I came home wanting to eat something unhealthy ... SO... I ate my turkey and fruit and went to bed. Not the best idea. I DREAMED ABOUT EATING!!! Now... those that know me well, know that I am a dreamer... I tend to walk and talk as well. Well, I dreamed about all kinds of chips floating in front of me. Then I dreamed I was at Hacienda... I ordered my Taco Salad without guacamole (which I do anyway) AND without sour cream.... It was delicious.... but right as I was about to start on the bowl (which is yummy and fattening) the waitress whisked it away before I could have the first bite.... Crazy or what?

I called Danielle because Danielle has eating issues with carbs and I knew she could help. Guess what? Danielle dreams of food sometimes too!!! I'm not crazy!

Okay. Then I had to cook for my Catholic group. I was only cooking for 25 tonight, so I did a "good" menu.... roast, mashed potatoes w/homemade gravy, green beans, asparagus casserole, rolls, and chocolate cake. The gravy was tough.... I did have to taste it twice to make sure it was turning out okay... but other than that... I was good! I didn't even lick beaters or the spreader when I was making the cake... I just threw them in the water as fast as I could.

I AM READY FOR MONDAY.... I'm not a big fan of the weekend anymore... too many temptations!

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