Monday, March 16, 2009

My Phoenix T

Last September when Lori and I went on our little Forks excursion, we got these T-shirts in the Phoenix Airport for free. Well, the largest size they had was XL. Knowing it probably wouldn't fit, I took it anyway... because you know... it was from Phoenix! (That means something to some of you!! :)) Goodness knows that I have tried to wear my freebie t-shirt on more than one occasion but the thing just wouldn't fit... no matter how much I pulled and stretched on it!

WELL... LOOK AT ME NOW!!! It fits!!! AND there was NO stretching involved today!!! YEA!!!

I'm going into my third week with Rodney (he made me pose for the pic!) ... I haven't missed a day of working out or walking or bike riding AT ALL!!! OH and... I have not cheated a single time... the 'eating right' started TWO weeks ago today!!! Yea me!!!!

Last week was a challenge... it was tough. I hated just about everything I was doing.... but the payoff came first on Saturday.... we were set to go bowling with the Price family. I pulled on a pair of jeans (size 20) :{ (I know) and they felt really I thought.... I wondered.... would I be able to go down a size??? Do I dare try???? What if they're too tight???? After some deliberation... I tried and I couldn't believe that they zipped and buttoned without laying on the bed and without even sucking it in and holding my breath.... and I didn't even have the muffin top look!!! They were comfortable!!! I loved it!

Now.... I have a lllloooonnnngggg way to go but at least I'm on my way!! I just can't wait for the weigh in.... actually.... I think I'm more excited about the "inches" than I am about the weight... okay... the weight more... but the inches will be the icing!!!


  1. woohoo! I am so excited for you! I have a hilarious story about some linen pants & my husband... but that will have to be hush hush :o)
    Don't you just hate that LAFLT Jean syndrome - you referenced in your post laying flat on the bed to get jeans on problem. I dubbed that LAFLT you know when you say it it kinda sounds like AFLAC. Random, sorry!
    Love the PHOENIX reference - WE WILL BE THERE IN 17 DAYS!!! OME! OME! OME! breathe in breathe out. :)

  2. Congratulations LUCY!!! I so know where your coming from... Keep it up!! It is a life change.. you look fabulous!! Keep on Movin!!
    this is Nina by the way... It was great getting to meet you... I hope you all have a great time in Phoenix!!