Monday, March 9, 2009

Hurray for Monday

Well, I was all excited about Monday coming, and Jonah woke up sick... stomach stuff. He wasn't running fever so I called my mom and she came to hang out with him while I worked out. Thanks mom!

I got in and did my cardio... heartrate looking good around 130 - 140. We moved on to the weights and stuff... It was a good workout... I can definitley feel it but we had to keep a watch on the heartrate. During the second round of the circuit, we found that if I would STOP talking so much and concentrate on breathing the way I'm supposed to, that my heart is MUCH more cooperative with my workout. Seriously, Rodney just needs to tell me to shut up and breathe!

My healthier way of eating is going great! Besides the 2 gravy tastings (which were "finger-dipped") I did not cheat one time in an entire week. The real test is coming though... the longer we go, the harder it will be for a while... then I'm hoping it will level off and start becoming second nature. A lifetime of bad habits is really hard to break.

That's going to be it for today...


  1. Lucy,
    This decision that you have made is filled with hope and promise for the future. Just as you are committing to this program, I am committing to you to pray for you on this specific road of your lifelong journey. Thank you for letting those of us that care about you travel along with you! You are an inspiration!

  2. Hey Girl! I am so excited for you on this journey. Always remember that weight really is a number your happiest-healthy you is the real reward. You are such an amazing person! I decided 3 weeks ago to do a similar thing - get in shape or at least find my happiest healthiest self. It has not been easy - you know I love to cook. But it has been exciting finding new things to eat & reinventing some of the old. Enjoy the new foods, the new positions your body gets into (me & yoga had a come to Jesus meeting on day 4) and enjoy living throughout your new decisions. You will do great!
    I am so glad that you are in the blogging world too!!! WOOHOO!
    Also I so hope to see you on the 21st! If you do get to come you might want to give me a heads up on specifics you are eating right now - the menu is based on things from the books (not THE HEALTHIEST things from the books - yummy nonetheless :) )

  3. You are an INSPIRATION! Take a deep inhale to recognize your radiance, and shine out on your exhale. I am so proud of you!!!!!!
    rock on.