Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today has sucked. I'm sick to death of eating 'right'... I'm sick to death of chicken, broccoli and carrots and I'm sort of sick of my body HURTING!!! The only reason I like my muscle aches is because I'm guessing there's one in there that is trying to fight it's way past the fat.... so I'll keep working out. I'm trying to find something good to say about the food... I guess it's okay when I feel hungry because that hopefully means that the fat is losing ground in this battle.

Yes, I worked out today. It never really crossed my mind to cancel - which is unusual for me when I'm in this sort of mood. One on one accountability is good. We did a different circuit today all the way around. I had never done any of the things we did today. It was a great workout... sweat actually dripped from my head twice... that's a big deal for me... I don't sweat much. The workout was focused on upper body for sure... my arms were shaky all the way home. They seem to have recovered somewhat right now, but I'm SURE I'll feel it tomorrow! (and the next day!)

My mood was horrible when I got there, but it seemed to shift into something worse towards the end of the workout.... you see, Rodney and I usually have the place to ourselves and about mid-way through the workout someone came in. Rodney said hey to her and I was 'pumping iron' (ha) and paid no attention. A few minutes later someone else came in... same thing. Well... they were working in the front room on the cardio equipment and they were having a great time... WHICH IS FINE... unless you're in my mood. By the time OUR time was over, I had turned into a very whiny, needy, crazy woman and said some DUMB stuff to Rodney that I desperately wish I hadn't. THEN... I had to walk out the front door and there they were... two very, very FIT girls.... I suddenly felt like the blimp in the room... and I got out the door as quickly as possible. Yuk.... I hate days like today.

Thank God tomorrow is a new day! Cyndi, Mary and I are meeting at the park to walk. Cyndi's bringing Woody... her lab puppy... I think he's still a puppy! I'm wondering who will walk whom!!


  1. Lucy,
    remember....this is about transformation on the inside---not looking a certain way. After you work out start really noticing the difference in hhow you FEEL, and allow that to be your encouragement. I think what you are doing is AMAZING and I am so excited for you. Please call on me when days are hard....I am a good listener and also have yummy- healthy recipes that you can look forward to. love love, buffy

  2. If it were easy, everyone would look like those FIT ladies!! (I think two of my muscles could push up to the top.) And, I have to say, I think you're beautiful! I love the photo you have posted. You are too cute for words. I hope today was much, much better and that your workout tomorrow is GREAT. Lots of love, Danielle

  3. Danielle is right - if it were easy we all would look like those two FIT girls. But how boring would that be?!!! Remember that feeling better is even more important than the outward appearance - yeah my yoga Guru took over for a second... ignore her. :) No really, you are already doing great. The shaky arms are the worst. I always feel like that is the time that I need to be holding the martini shaker ....hmmmm martini after my workout = happier view of myself! lol just kidding - maybe not. Anyway, this random comment is really here just to make you smile & remember that you are beautiful, you are merely making it easier for your body to hunt down the poor little girl with the girl scout cookies without getting out of breath... Keep pushing that iron! :) love ya!

  4. You want support you got it. Just remember how much better you are going to look when we take pictures at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I must get my butt on that wii fit. Must not let Lucy look better me. How is that for support sis. Now eat you chicken, baked Im sure and suck it up. Touch love, huh. Okay, I am about to crack myself up here. You know Im here for ya, just think how much healthier you will be, how much better you will feel, after the hurt stops hurting. I love ya sis, hang in there.