Friday, April 24, 2009

Amazing... at least to me!

Okay... it's been a while, hasn't it?! I've been noticing some differences in my life and in my home that I want to share with you.... I think it's a pretty cool list. See what you think...

1. I have only been through ONE drive-thru (it was in Arizona when I needed a quick lunch... I had the turkey club w/o cheese or mayo... took the bread off myself!)
2. I have only had bread 3-4 times (cheesy bread - always with a BIG salad!)
3. I have not bought TUMS!!!
4. I bought one 24 pack of Diet Coke on March 24th and I still have 6 left! (That's a BIG wow because I used to buy those at least every 2 weeks!)
5. I've brought my 3 mile walk down from over an hour to around 48-50 minutes! (Call me if you want to walk!)
6. I've started YOGA and I'm sort of liking it.... if I could just get over myself!!
7. I'm wearing clothes that I haven't worn in 5-10 years... the high-waist jeans have to go!!
8. I've got more energy than I've had in a lllllloooooonnnnnnggggg time!
9. Grapefruit has become my fruit of choice!
10. I have not had "real" pizza or pasta ONCE.... not once. wow.

This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done.... I thank God for my support group that seems to be growing! It's crazy the people that God is bringing into my life to share this journey with. I'm loving it!


  1. I am crazy proud of you. Sounds like you are making such major changes in your life. You absolutely deserve to have joy in your heart and feel great about what you are doing for YOU! I think you need to run the 10K with me in November. Don't roll your eyes...I went from BED REST, couldn't hardly walk down the hall to my bathroom, to running a full marathon. Dedication, determination and GOD's promise of strength made it all possible. Think about it.

  2. I didn't roll my eyes at all!!! I've already started planning for the Susan B. Komen in October... why not a 10k in November?!?! How far is that??? :) I'm just sitting here grinning at the thought of you asking me!! YOU are amazing!

  3. Hey Gorgeous! Been too long since I have spoken or blogged or such! Check out my blog for who I ran into in Maryland yesterday. :)
    I am so proud of you! It IS awesome! You are such a doll! We so have to get together again! We can meet for dinner somewhere healthy or at least somewhere delicious that you choose :) Give me a call sometime & always stop by the blog or email! :)